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Falling In Love Again When You Don’t Trust Love | ♡ TAY's ›

There is hope for these delicate souls who want love. One day, a light will shine down. You’re going to find love again. Better yet, you’re going to bask in it. One day, you will take an ounce of courage and try to love again.

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Save the best part of yourself to the person who deserves you.

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A Iraqi girl in an orphanage - missing her mother so she drew her and fell asleep inside her. This is America’s democracy

This picture always gets me.

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The Greatest Story Ever Told

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Dom Tsui: Date a man who dreams ›


Date a man who dreams.


Date a man who doesn’t spend his money on drink, or clothes, or video games, but saves what he has to go on adventures and pursue his dreams. He might have problems dealing with everyday things but no-one sees the possibilities life holds like he does. This is a man who…

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We stood there, looking at each other, saying nothing. But it was the kind of nothing that meant everything.

Jenny Han, It’s Not Summer Without You (via fakeville)

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“Love is like the sea. It’s a moving thing, but still and all, it takes its shape from the shore it meets, and it’s different with every shore.”

-Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God

Kung sino ang pinakahuling tao sa isip mo bago ka matulog, nasa kanya ang puso mo.




The greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in. The ones that swept you off your feet and changed your every view. The ones where you found yourself to be a better person because of who you were when he was around. The ones that made you wake up with a smile on your face no…

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Im not Bob Ong, Im not PapaJack,Im simply Rhadson.: Ang love kinuha mo ng package yan. ›


Tandaan mong kapag kinuha mo ang LOVE. Hindi nag iisa yan. May kasama yang


Ito ang una mong mapapansin kapag kinuha mo yang love package na yan. Dahil ito ang gusto mo kaya kinuha mo yung package.


Kapag kinuha mo ang package ng Love. Kapag may pagmamahal may…

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Sa oras na sumuko ang isang tao sayo at hindi na naipaglaban ang pagmamahalan niyo. Hayaan mo na siya dun, may mga taong dadating. At least napatunayan mo sa sarili mong sinubukan mo ang bagay na makakapagpasaya sayo, at least sinubukan niyong dalawa yung sinabing pagmamahalan. No regrets, nagmamahal lang naman tayo eh.

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As we grow up, we learn that the one person who wasn’t suppossed to let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken, probably more than once, and it’s never easier the second time around. You’ll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You’ll fight with your best friend, and may even fall in love with them. You’ll blame a new love for things an old one did. You’ll cry cause time is passing too fast. You’ll eventually lose someone you love. Life is short, so take too many pictures, laugh way too much, kiss way too slow, cry way too hard, and love everyone.

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Ladies, this one is for you.

For all of you are who are single, engaged, dating, or even considering dating. I have one question for you.

What does your ideal guy look like?

1) Is he Tall?

2) Is he Funny?

3) Is he Handsome?

4) Is he Motivated?

5) Is he Athletic?

All these searchable qualities are great. But when it really comes down to it, will any of these qualities withstand the length of time? Will any of these qualities give your relationship depth or meaning? And will any of these qualities help you build a foundation that can withstand through all?

I really want you to stop and think about your life. I want you to think about your future. And I want you to think about your heart.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying I have all the answers, or that I can even begin to understand the mind of a women, because I can’t. But what I do know, is that you are my sisters in Christ, uniquely beautiful in wonderful ways. And I would not be able to call myself a a true follower of Christ if I did not take the time to protect and look out for you.

I am not saying that I am”Mr. Perfect”, or haven’t made my own selfish mistakes, because I have. But what I do know is that you deserve more than what “they” say, because your life was formed by “His” hands.

1) You can’t put your trust in a man, until he can first put his trust in God.

2) A real man opens more than the door. He opens his bible.

3) A real man will go to church with you.

When it comes down to it, you are a princess of the King, and to be treated any other way is NOT what God intended for you.

The last time I checked, you weren’t just an interest of the King, but a Princess of the King. And you deserve a prince.

Don’t settle for “him”, but keep your eyes on HIM.

- Jarrid Wilson

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